Mom’s Organic Baby Product Safety Label Guide

Mom’s Organic Baby Product Safety Label Guide

Baby deserves the best, that’s without a doubt. 

But we walk down the aisles sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer number of organic baby products bearing a string of confusing labels, each telling us that it's the best. 

Picking out the right baby products for your family goes beyond just buying the cutest-looking ones or the cheapest. Moms must dig a little deeper to look at whether the products are safe and appropriate for your baby, toddler, or children. 

That’s when we look at the labels printed on the product packages. 

Every child is different, so ask yourself the following questions. Is your baby allergic to specific chemicals? Are some ingredients harmful to your baby’s skin? So, if your baby suffers from infant acne, cradle cap, eczema, impetigo, dry skin, heat rash or is prone to sunburn, choosing organic baby bath and haircare products is your best bet.

So, how do you make the right choice when the aisles are flooded with a wide range of products?

Choosing Organic Baby Shower and Hair Care Products

At this point, there is no regulatory body or authority to tell us what the rules are when companies and manufacturers disclose labels on product packaging. 

Countries like the United States have the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to control guidelines for labelling based on the latest environmental marketing guidelines and the Green Guides. When buying products from Australia, which is where some of our top-quality organic baby products are from, you are assured of the fact that the products have undergone stringent control measures.

Here at SharingBabyland, we care about the types of products we bring you. If you take a look at the line of products we offer by Little Innoscents, there are a few icons displayed on the product packaging. 

Here’s a guide on how to decipher them to help you make the most informed decision.

Organic, Vegan-Friendly, Organic Products are Great for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

What you need to know is that your infant’s skin problems are common. Instead of being born with problem-free silky smooth skin, new parents discover that the baby develops all sorts of mostly harmless rashes and spots, especially during your baby’s first year

The most common baby skin ailments include infant acne, cradle cap, infant eczema, impetigo, dry skin, heat and diaper rash, and sunburn. 

So, if you’re changing your baby’s diaper, or taking them out for a swim in the cute little baby pool in the apartment complex, it’s best to slather on some protective cream before you go.

1 - The Use-By Label


Although most organic baby bath and hair care products are safe to use after you’ve kept them past their fly-by dates, it’s still better for us to be extra vigilant about expiry dates. 

The above icon indicates that the product should be used within 12 months after its open date. If it indicates 3M or 6M, it simply means the product should be completely used and discarded within 3 months or 6 months, respectively, after you open it. 

The expiry date printed on organic baby product labels applies only to unopened products. Once past the expiry date, the products shouldn’t even be on the shelves in the first place. Once you’ve opened the product up, you should look for the Period After Opening, PAO, icon instead. 

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2 - Australian-Made and -Owned Products


About 40% of babies develop infant acne due to hormones which are still circulating in your little one's system, stimulating your baby’s sluggish oil glands. The acne is usually nothing to be concerned about. 

The Australia Made Australian Grown (AMAG) logo is used on organic baby products that are authentically-Aussie. It is one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised icons of trust, accreditation, and certification.

The icon is used on Made-in-Australia non-food products after the manufacturer or producer has obtained a licence to use the label on their products. Baby products with this label on their product packaging are assured that the product has been carefully selected and vetted through to give you the best of what Australia has to offer. 

3 - Baby Products with the Australian Certified Organic Stamp of Approval


It might alarm you when you see crusty, old-like, yellow scales on your baby’s scalp, wondering if you’ve been using the wrong shampoo. Or one that is too harsh to your baby's gentle skin. 

Chances are, you're not. But still, maybe it’s time to consider using organic, vegan-friendly shampoo to soothe seborrheic dermatitis.

Gently massage your baby’s hair and scalp with either petroleum jelly or mineral oil to loosen up the toughened skin before bath time. Once most of the tough skin is off (it appears like normal dandruff in adults and teens), shampoo your baby’s hair with organic baby shampoo and rinse off.

ACO Certification and its Assurances

ACO, being Australia’s largest certifier of organic and biodynamic products, is an organization with a keen eye on well over 2,000 operators from the Australian organic industry. Australian Certified Organic ensures compliance with both national and international standards.

The certification is recognized by the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources Australia, IFOAM, Japan Ministry of Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries, NAQS Korea, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), COFCC China, and many more. 

4 - Indulging in Cruelty-Free Product


The itchy diaper rashes and red skin might bother mom more than it does the baby but when it comes to infant eczema (atopic eczema), it can get quite uncomfortable. 

It can start from small red spots on the face that slowly makes its way down to other parts of the body. When not taken care of, the fluid-filled pimple-like bumps may need some extra TLC. 

Apply vegan-friendly, organic, absolutely-safe and gentle moisturizer to your precious one’s troubled spots when it is still damp (especially right out of the shower or after a wipe-down), and leave the humidifier on in baby’s room to keep the air from drying out baby's skin. 

If you’re worried or if the condition persists, it’s time to call in the paediatrician for stronger solutions like an antihistamine to relieve the itching. 

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Cruelty-Free Baby Products are Gentle on Baby’s Skin

When a product claims itself to be cruelty-free, what it means is that no animal testing has been done during the production process in any shape or form. 

Organic baby products bearing the cruelty-free label are gentle on both animals and babies, ensuring that best practises are observed, including using alternative testing methods. 

The movement has received extensive coverage and attention, particularly from organizations like PETA, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, Choose Cruelty-Free, and the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. 

5 - Healthy, Natural Vegan-Friendly Products


A large number of the adult population suffer from dry, tight skin and your baby is no different especially when the air is cold or your baby's skin is extra sensitive. Their newborn baby birthday suit is just not ready for the world we live in. 

What mom can do is to moisturize their tidy bundles as much as they can. The great thing about Vegan-friendly products is that they’re natural and, most of the time, hypoallergenic.

What Can Vegan-Friendly Baby Products Do for Infant Skin

The criteria for Vegan-Friendly products is that the end-product should not contain animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients which includes honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumen, carmine and many other unnatural ingredients. 

Many consumers are confused about the difference between Cruelty-Free and Vegan-Friendly products, assuming them to be one and the same. 

There are admittedly similarities in principle, but the processes and certifications are different.

Make Better Choices for Your Precious Bundle of Joy

There is no consensus as to what the best organic baby products are in the market but there is a general understanding that some countries apply stricter regulations over the usage of organic baby product labels. Manufacturers, vendors, and marketers will be called out for flouting rules.

You’re making the right decision if you’ve taken the pledge to buy eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly bath and haircare products for your precious little ones. Indeed, they deserve the best organic baby products!

If you wish to find out more about eco-friendly products, here’s an article that will help you better understand the many different labels. 

On top of keeping your little precious bundles safe from potentially toxic products, you’ll also be doing your part to support the Green Movement. Even if you’re swapping out a couple of products from your baby room for earth-friendlier ones, for now, taking baby steps for your baby is the right thing to do. 

Have a look around our website and start shopping for a vast array of Little Innoscents skin-friendly, gentle baby products now and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time!

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