How to Choose a Baby Carrier

How to Choose a Baby Carrier

Do You Need a Baby Carrier?

Some parents do agree that baby carrier is the most important baby gear, this is because it has many benefits : 

  • Minimized arm and wrist soreness and injury while carrying baby for a long period of time.
  • Keeping your baby close to you while enable mothers to do other work.
  • Regular physical contact with your baby helps improves mood and prevent postpartum depression by boosting Oxytocin ( bonding hormone) 
  • Very convenient when going out to the shopping mall or using public transit as it does not require a stroller.
  • Easy to navigate around places.
  • Babies who are close to the mother cries less as they feel more secure.

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Tips for Choosing a Baby Carrier

There is a wide range of baby carrier out there in the market to choose from, however, we have listed down some of the main points to consider: 

  • Comfortable: It is important for you and your baby to feel comfortable. First of all,  the seat of any carrier should allow your baby’s legs to be in the hip-healthy “M” position. For the mother, look for padded shoulder straps and lumbar support, as well as less bulky material to prevent back and neck pain if you are carrying the baby for a long period of time.
  • Fit: Make sure that it fits you or your partner well if the baby carrier is meant to be shared with another person. Some baby carriers are customized to fit an individual.
  • Long-lasting: If you want a carrier that lasts into the toddler years, you’ll need one that can accommodate a higher weight and has front-facing positions. Just want it for infancy? Consider one that creates a cozy environment for lots of cuddling.
  • Directions of use: Review and seek for guidance for the directions for a carrier before buying your baby carrier. Getting a wrap on involves a multi-step process, while ring slings and soft structured carriers are easier to put on. Furthermore, wraps and slings can typically be tucked into a diaper bag while soft-structured carriers are usually too bulky.
  • Climate of Your Country: Lightweight fabrics and breathable mesh are best for warmer weather (especially in Malaysia) while heavy knits and padding are perfect for colder temps.
  • Washable or not: Not all baby carriers are washable, do check the labels for washing instructions. 


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