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Quway Food Superhero Talking Book

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Dual language Books with Talking Pen🖋🗣
Suitable from 0-6 years old👶🏻🧒🏻👧🏻👩🏻

It is included:

- 2 books and 1 talking pen.
- contains 1400 words & 100 conversations.
- Bilingual (English & Mandarin) encyclopedia
- Songs & games.  - High quality hard board material

❗️ A good way to keep your child away from iPad 👍

It’s rich of contents while easy to learn. It integrates 1,400 graphic words into 37 topics, there are 100 contextual conversations, interactive questions and answers, children can learn a lot of words while playing.

❗️ Pure Chinese and English (UK) pronunciation, including physical sound.

The 37 scenes are 37 categories with a total of 1400 words. From sports clubs, zoos, home environments, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, airports, museums, etc., the vocabulary used in the first six years of life is here.

Moreover, for the scenes involving animals and musical instruments, such as zoos, concerts, farms, and even pets in the home, there are physical sound effects that will allow children to connect the books to reality.

❗️ Not only the words, but also science knowledge.

It can be seen as a science popularization. - for example, knowing the world geography, the universe, the seasons and weather, math and geometry & antonyms. 

❗️Interesting interactive mode, use the game to make your child engage with it. 

In addition to switching between Chinese and English, some scenes have a "problem" sign. Click here to enter the question set. The pen will ask "Where is xx?" Then let the child find the specific target in the album. There’s accomplishment if they got the answer correct.  

In addition to the problem set, there is an "Action and Mood" page, the content is designed into a board game, let the children play and learn words, isn’t it super?

At the end of the book, there are several pages of commonly used word lists. This part do not need to switch between Chinese and English. Just use the pen! It is really convenient for a child to use the vocal dictionary after school.

These two books are basically encyclopedia dictionaries, and it can accompany your children to the second and third grades of primary school.

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