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Mother K Sterilized Tooth Wipes (30pcs)

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Benefits of Mother K Sterilized Tooth Wipes

  • Encourage growth of healthy primary teeth - massaging a newborn's gums promotes blood circulation in the mouth leading to strong and healthy gums and primary teeth
  • Prevent tooth decay - clean your newborn's mouth of any residue left behind by powdered milk formula and snacks , maintaining healthy oral hygiene
  • Practice good oral care habits - begin caring for your baby's primary teeth to encourage good brushing habits as children need practice getting used to a toothbrushing routine.
  • Suitable Age : from Newborn 
  • Sterilized 
  • 100% purified water (No artificial additive)
  • Single, convenient and highly hygienic packaging.

Using Sterilized Tooth Wipes

Babies teeth at a different age and your baby's mouth needs to be kept clean right from the start! Just like an adult, we want to prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the little nooks and crannies as much as can while we wait for their first teeth to break through! 

And we know you can't wait.

How to use the Mother K Sterilized Teeth Baby Wipes:
Just grab a piece of wipe and wrap it around your finger. Gently reach into the insides of your baby's mouth and run the wipes in your baby's mouth while giving it a quick, gentle massage. The massage will soothe soreness if your baby's already teething. Cleaning your baby's mouth with these sterilized teeth wipes is a good idea after each meal.

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